Consulting for Merging Wastewater Treatment Plants at the Kempt River

Economical wastewater disposal and improved water quality in the Kempt catchment area by diverting wastewater to the central WWTP Winterthur. This vision requires long-term planning with all relevant stakeholders and the assessment of the technical feasibility, the economic efficiency of different scenarios as well as the environmental impacts. Summarized for the political decision-makers, the course is thus set for sustainable investments into the wastewater infrastructure.

Our services

  • Initiation of the project together with all relevant stakeholders (municipalities and authorities)
  • Development and evaluation of four scenarios
  • Financial assessment of the different scenarios
  • Concept study for the long-term development of the wastewater sector in the Kempt valley
  • Assessment of environmental impacts including water quality, discharge and temperature, groundwater and aquatic ecology
  • Executive summary and presentation to political decision-makers and authorities

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