Support for the "Geospatial Information Cooperation" and "Geo2020" projects

Based in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau, the Thurgau Geospatial Information Association (TGIA) has enabled cantonal, municipal and private-sector representatives to cooperate in matters of geospatial information for more than 15 years. The Governing Council of the Canton of Thurgau has now launched the "Geo2020" project to achieve the goals of reducing processing times, lowering costs and improving data quality. The "Geospatial Information Cooperation" project serves as a pilot project for "Geo2020". EBP has helped the TGIA to identify the substantive issues.

While cooperation among cantonal, municipal and private-sector representatives is an established tradition in the area of geospatial information, the introduction of the Geospatial Information Act in 2012 has created a need for optimization. In addition to new technologies for data sharing and reporting, the introduction of the cadaster of public-law restrictions on landownership (PLR Cadaster) has highlighted a need for action.

Need for adaptations and identification of viable solutions

In light of these circumstances, the Governmental Council of the Canton of Thurgau entrusted the TGIA as a neutral association of parties interested in geospatial information (data producers, users and owners) with the task of documenting the need for adaptations and drafting alternative solutions. The following issues were examined:

  • Organizational structure for GIS (cantonal GIS and municipal GIS)
  • Reporting
  • Electronic signature
  • Geographic data modeling
  • Official survey procedures
  • Development and special usage planning
  • Natural and cultural objects
  • Static forest borders
  • Service line registers
  • Contaminated sites
  • General water supply planning

Independent consulting services in the area of geospatial information

EBP acted as a general consultant to the TGIA’s project manager and the various workgroups. Our responsibilities included:

  • Helping to draft the report "Recommendations for Optimizing Coordination in the Area of Geospatial Information, Preparation for the 'Geo2020' Project" submitted to the Governmental Council
  • In-depth support for the workgroups in the area of usage planning and GIS organization
  • Introduction of an independent and professional perspective in matters of identifying viable solution, for instance, relating to organizational forms, process sequences, geospatial-information quality and roles
  • Provision of support in the context of a TGIA information event for the association’s members
  • GIS organization: description of the current state of cooperation between the various stakeholders, formulation of three alternative solutions, SWOT analyses, development of measures for improving quality and/or lowering costs, and the submission of specific recommendations

After the preparation phase for the Geo2020 project, EBP consulted and supported the "GIS Organization" workgroup when it came to drafting the future "Overall Strategy for Geospatial Information in Thurgau 2019–2025".

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