The Cost of Civil Protection

There are around 70,000 individuals who are actively involved in civil protection in Switzerland. They provide various services geared to protecting the people in the country’s various communities. What is the total cost of these combined services? EBP has estimated the total cost for the entire country.

The Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection was interested in arriving at an estimate of the costs associated with Switzerland’s civil protection efforts. EBP was commissioned to draft a concept for gathering the necessary data at federal, cantonal, regional and municipal levels.

With the use of a uniform questionnaire and interviews with individuals directly responsible for civil protection, a sample-based assessment of the costs was carried out. The selected survey method then enabled us to extrapolate corresponding figures for the total cost of all civil protection measures in Switzerland.

In addition to this, ideas were exchanged among the various civil protection representatives as to how the civil protection costs can be expected to develop in the future.

Picture Credits: Bundesamt für Bevölkerungsschutz

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