Creating a planning team for a road relocation project

Two state roads currently pass through the nature reserve of Neeracherried, which is one of Switzerland’s last remaining large-scale wetlands. On behalf of the Civil Engineering Office of the Canton of Zurich, we put together a team to plan the removal and relocation of the roads. Our interdisciplinary team offers extensive experience in infrastructure development, particularly in road and bridge construction, as well as expertise in environmental issues. Thanks to our help, the Zurich Civil Engineering Office is now in a position to procure the necessary BIM services.

Our services

  • Drafting of a procurement concept
  • Development of BIM use cases for inclusion in the invitation to tender
  • Provision of support with preparation of the BIM specification documents issued by the Zurich Civil Engineering Office
  • Drawing up the tender documents
  • Evaluation of all submissions and provision of support for preparation of the tender application
Neeracherried, BirdLife Besucherzentrum
Neeracherried, BirdLife Visitors Center. Picture Credits: © EBP, François Theis

Main Image: Aerial view Neeracherried
Picture Credits: Canton of Zurich, Office of Civil Engineering

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