Crime prevention assessment of the Cordula Passage in Baden

Data show that the Cordula Passage, a large underpass in the center of Baden, is not being used as originally intended, with most pedestrians regarding it as a mere passageway instead of a convenient place to shop and meet with others. Moreover, many young adults have taken to frequenting the passage as a sheltered space to drink alcohol, resulting in a further undermining of a subjective sense of security. We assessed the utility and security of the passage and provided the city with a list of measures that could be taken to create a more people-friendly atmosphere in the passage.

Our services

  • Assessment of the current situation in light of the latest findings in the area of urban crime prevention, including an on-site inspection, an analysis of existing documentation, and an internal interdisciplinary workshop at EBP, with a focus on various aspects of urban psychology
  • Development of a list of measures to improve the overall friendliness of the passage and to enhance its objective and subjective security
  • Submission of an action plan to the city of Baden along with a plan for its staged implementation

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