Cybersecurity strategy for the canton of St.Gallen

Responding to a growing number of cybersecurity risks (e.g. data manipulation, cyberattacks, and system failure), the canton of St.Gallen became the first Swiss canton to develop and issue an official cybersecurity strategy. This work was supported by EBP.

In a world that is more connected than ever before, enterprises that would like to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by digitalization will also have to protect themselves against a growing array of threats to their cybersecurity.
Aware of these growing threats, the canton of St.Gallen became the first Swiss canton to develop a strategy to protect the cybersecurity of its population, critical infrastructures, business community, and administrative agencies. The strategy was developed under the direction of the cantonal Security and Justice Department (SJD), with critical input from numerous cantonal experts.

Cybersecurity vision, strategic goals and principles

EBP was commissioned to support the General Secretariat of the SJD in all matters relating to the strategy’s development. Here, our focus was on organizing workshops and helping participants to sketch a cybersecurity vision, set strategic goals, and define basic principles with the aim of protecting St.Gallen well into the future.

The cantonal government ratified the Canton of St.Gallen Cybersecurity Strategy on April 28, 2020 and has since made it available to the public.

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