Decarbonizing a heating system in a villa in Zurich

When the owners of a historic villa in Zurich decided to replace the villa’s oil-fired heating system with a new brine/water heat pump, we assisted them by sketching a layout of the new system’s main components, simulating the arrangement of the geothermal probes, drafting the technical specifications, and selecting a suitable subcontractor to complete the installation. We also drafted the applications to obtain a building permit and state subsidies before overseeing new system’s installation as per the specified quality.

Our services

  • Consultation for the selection of a new heating/hot (drinking) water system
  • Drafting a layout of the brine/water heat pump’s main components, including a simulation of geothermal probe installation
  • Execution of a call to tender (drafting of specifications, comparison of bids, and final negotiations)
  • Drafting of applications for a building permit and state subsidies
  • Oversight and coordination of insulation work in basement and attic
  • Oversight of system installation to ensure the specified quality

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