Decarbonizing heating systems in three MFHs in Wallisellen

Working on behalf of the Neugut Housing Cooperative, the EBP team examined different approaches to achieving a carbon-neutral heating system for three of the cooperative’s multi-family homes (MFHs). We then assessed the proposed solutions, which were also to account for drinking water heating systems, in terms of economic and ecological criteria. Once a decision was made in favor of installing a brine/water heat pump, we simulated the arrangement of the geothermal probes, drafted the specifications, evaluated the bids submitted by the subcontractors, and oversaw the proper installation of the new system.

Our services

  • Feasibility study and assessment of various heating/hot (drinking) water options with an eye to economic and ecological sustainability
  • Provision of technical support for all decision making
  • Consultation concerning possible photovoltaic installation
  • Drafting of a layout for the main components of the selected brine/water heat pump, including simulation of geothermal probe installation
  • Execution of a call to tender (drafting of specifications, comparison of bids, and final negotiations)
  • Oversight of system installation to ensure the specified quality

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