DETEC commissions study of infrastructure bundling

In the context of various road and railway projects, the Swiss Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (DETEC) is planning to bundle the development of the country’s network of high-voltage transmission lines (380/220 kV) with that of the federal network of roads and railways. While this bundling of infrastructures is expected to promote landscape conservation and more efficient land use, key engineering requirements (e.g. relating to construction, technology, maintenance, operation, and safety) needed to be worked out. EBP was commissioned to clarify the details.

Our services

  • Scientific review of the relevant literature and ongoing studies
  • Identification of various structural approaches to powerline construction
  • Semiquantitative risk analysis of issues relating to structural engineering, operation and maintenance, system security, and system safety
  • Synthesis of the feasibility factors and assessments of the infrastructure bundling, the need for coordination in project planning and execution, and the need for action in regulatory matters

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