Development concept for the Kleinhüningen industrial area

We developed a development concept for the new port railway station in the Kleinhüningen district in Basel. Given the need to make use of properties owned by the ProRheno wastewater treatment company and the IWB energy and water services company, we faced the special task of reconciling the spatial and operational interests of the two private companies with those of the Port of Switzerland and the canton of Basel City. The development concept is an important building block for the development agreement adopted by Basel City Council.

Our services

  • Eliciting, analyzing and processing the spatial and operational interests of the stakeholders
  • Reconciliation of the various stakeholder interests and identification solutions
  • Drafting and evaluation of alternative development scenarios
  • Oversight of the communication and decision-making process among the stakeholders, including elaboration of the best scenario
  • Text and map-based documentation
  • Outlining of further planning steps and issues in need of resolution among the stakeholders

Picture Credits: © Marc Eggimann

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