Development of a highway maintenance strategy for the Swiss FEDRO

When the new Federal Highway Network Act came into effect on January 1, 2020, responsibility for the stretch of highway (the N06) between Gampel and Goppenstein in the canton of Valais was transferred to the Swiss Federal Roads Office (FEDRO). Once in charge, the FEDRO commissioned EBP to draft a maintenance strategy for the entire stretch of highway, including the details and scheduling of any actions that would need to be taken right from the outset. One important concern centered on the arrangement of a detour that would permit renovation work on the Mittal Tunnel, which is essential for traffic flow.

Our services

  • Assessment of the condition of the highway between Gampel and Goppenstein, including its compliance with federal stand-ards
  • Ascertainment of necessary measures
  • Traffic-flow analysis and analysis of construction sequence
  • Evaluation of various options for a detour around the Mittal tunnel, and comparison of these using cost-benefit analysis
  • Prioritizing and scheduling of measures

Picture Credits: © EBP, Remo Baumberger

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