Development of icon sets

Icons are an effective, visual means of conveying information quickly, efficiently and nonverbally. They help us to gain our bearings and structure content both online and offline. Indeed, thanks to their symbolic character, they make all manner of content more readily graspable.

Working on behalf of numerous clients whose work relates to various types of content, we develop customized icon sets with a uniform appearance. This enables our clients to enhance the clarity, user friendliness and accessibility of their online and print products while at the same time promoting brand recognition.

Rationalität und Intuition, Icons zu den Themen der internen Arbeitsgruppe
Rationality and intuition, icons relating to the issues addressed by the internal work group
Urban Flooding, Icons zur Postergestaltung für den Kongress Interpraevent im KKL
Urban flooding, icons for posters displayed at the Interpraevent Congress at the Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre (KKL)
Klimabericht, Kanton Graubünden
Climate report, Canton of Graubünden
Bregalnica River Basin Management, Seco
Bregalnica River Basin Management, SECO
Innenentwicklung, BaslerFonds
Internal development, BaslerFonds
Abwasserreinigungsprozess, Kocani Waste Water Treatment
Wastewater treatment process, Kocani Waste Water Treatment
Suffizienz Toolbox, Praktischer Umweltschutz Schweiz
Sufficiency toolbox, Swiss PUSCH Foundation
Minergie Produkt-Icons
Minergie product icons
Minergie Themen-Icons
Minergie topic icons