Development plan for the Hoffnig site

The Hoffnig site in the district of Hochbord in Dübendorf is to be transformed into a mixed-use urban district. EBP has been commissioned by Senn Resources AG to draft a viable development plan for the site in question.

The Hoffnig site is located on the border of the most densely populated part of Dübendorf in the district of Hochbord and directly adjacent to the Stettbach Railway Station. According to the district development plan, which was approved in 2012, the site is to be transformed into a mixed-use urban district. The site forms the southwest approach to the Hochbord district and serves as a geographical link to other areas on account of its proximity to the railway station.

The Hoffnig site encompasses around 17,300 m² and is divided into two separate construction zones. Senn Development AG is developing the northern construction zone on behalf of the Turidomus investment foundation and the southern construction zone on behalf of Senn Resources AG. The study carried out by EBP to evaluate the site’s development and that was completed at the end of 2014 provides a basis for securing the approval of the relevant agencies for the site’s future development.

Working together with a private developer and the relevant public agencies, EBP has drafted a development plan, clarified the regulatory issues related to the plan’s realization and provided support in relation to managing the public participation process, and the ultimate implementation of the plan.

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