Development Planning for Zürcher Unterland

The region of Zürcher Unterland is currently facing a number of important challenges relating to its current and future development. EBP has been commissioned to provide expert consulting services to the regional planning association representing the 30 municipalities and to carry out a comprehensive revision of the regional development plan.

The region of Zürcher Unterland encompasses 30 municipalities of various sizes that also differ from one another significantly in terms of their economic structures. In the last 20 years, the region has shown the highest rate of growth of all the regions in the Canton of Zurich. Moreover, the region is expected to continue to grow.

The Zürcher Unterland Planning Group (ZUPG) has the task of coordinating the various spatial development projects in the region and to align these with existing municipal and cantonal plans. The group’s main planning instrument is the established regional development plan – binding on the authorities – which dates back to the year 1997 and is currently undergoing a comprehensive revision. An initial regional development concept, which is to serve as a strategic framework, has already been ratified by the delegates of the various local and regional governments.

Regio-ROK Zürcher Unterland (2011)
Regio-ROK Zürcher Unterland_2011_Text

In addition to drafting and administrating the regional development plan, the region regularly provides information on superordinate and subordinate plans, develops detailed concepts for selected topics and organizes events to promote a robust dialogue with all of the municipalities.

Working in the capacity of a regional planning consultant, EBP is helping the ZUPG to perform the above-mentioned tasks.

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