Development of Swiss Greenhouse Gas Offset Projects

Fossil fuel importers and Combined Cycle Gas Power Plants must reduce their CO2-Emissions in Switzerland. EBP is supporting this mitigation instrument through the development of Swiss-based climate change mitigation projects in various sectors.

Within the framework of the revised CO2 Law, fossil fuel importers and gas-fired combined-cycle power plants must partly or completely compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions. One possibility to compensate for emissions is through Swiss-based climate change mitigation projects, which are validated and verified by an independent third-party.

EBP is developing mitigation projects in a variety of sectors throughout Switzerland for select clients. The work includes: clarifying the feasibility of the project, developing project documentation – including the definition of the baseline scenario, determining additionality and calculating the emissions reductions, as well as developing a monitoring plan.

EBP has, for example, developed projects for the import and production of biofuels, as well as a program on carbon sequestration in Swiss timber.