EBP deploys large building ad to display its corporate identity

EBP has deployed a large building ad at its headquarters in Zurich to boldly display its corporate identity.

Measuring nearly 45 meter long and two meter high, the large illustration offers a striking projection of enterprise identity on the ground floor of an EBP office building in Zurich. In addition to the large building ad, an 98 inch screen has been installed in the reception area of the company’s flagship building next door so as to provide yet another means of projecting the EBP brand while at the same time displaying the company’s latest projects. In deploying the building ad, EBP makes effective use of the building’s central location and glass surface to call attention to its brand. Together, the two installations and their prominent enterprise slogan "shaping the future" increase EBP’s visibility for clients, passers-by and prospective employees while also displaying the broad range of the company’s expertise.

The animation deploys the slogan "shaping the future", while also providing an effective medium for highlighting a selection of EBP’s current projects. The featured projects change periodically throughout the year.

A building ad designed by EBP

The idea for the building ad and streaming screen, as well as their design were conceived and developed by our own communications team. The aim of the installations was to project the broad range of EBP’s business activities, while leaving viewers ample room for interpretation, a balancing act that succeeded.

Functional blinds and aesthetic advertising in one

Another dual challenge faced by EBP’s graphic designers was to create an appealing illustration for the public while also providing protection against the glare of the sun for EBP employees. The smart attachment of adhesive film both inside and outside gave rise to a subtle 3-D effect. While the film was developed for permanent use, it can be removed at any time if necessary.

Corporate screen to inform clients and passers-by

The illustration for the building ad is also reflected on the large screen in the reception area, where it attracts the attention of clients and passers-by. Concise information about the enterprise and appealingly streamed project demonstrations give viewers an insight into EBP’s business activities. The associated video work was also completed by our communications team.

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