Economic development through urbanization in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan considers the further development of its cities as a key to economic growth. It has therefore decided to encourage more people to relocate to cities. Working together with the Vienna-based Superwien and Tashkent-based IKS, we carried out urban economic analyses to support the development of suitable strategies for two regions and the cities of Jizzakh, Yangiyer, and Havast. The development strategies also include proposals for city expansion using a novel interpretation of the traditional mahalla district pattern.

Our services

  • Analysis of the economic profiles of the cities and regions
  • Taking account of the significance of free economic zones and other economic development measures
  • Holding focus group discussions with city and regional representatives
  • Consideration of the economic aspects of the regional and urban development strategies and the “New Mahalla” concept

Main Image: Jizzakh (Uzbekistan): Projects for the implementation of the urban development strategy
Picture Credits: © Superwien

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