Electric vehicles in the canton of St.Gallen

What is the best way for the Canton of St.Gallen to make use of the climatological and environmental advantages of electric vehicles while limiting the associated risks such as revenue losses on motor vehicle taxes? The canton of St.Gallen commissioned EBP for the development of corresponding measures.

In the canton of St.Gallen, electric vehicles are expected to account for a larger share of the automotive market in the coming years. The latest developments also indicate a growing demand for charging infrastructure. This means that the canton will need to act fast to secure an adequate supply of power to accommodate a growing number of electric vehicles. The canton would also like to use the numerous opportunities associated with electric vehicles.

Measures to promote electric vehicles

The aim of the proposed measures is to enhance the development of electric mobility by removing existing barriers while also eliminating any unnecessary costs. This increases the energy efficiency of road-based transportation and lowers carbon emissions and other harmful emissions, including noise.

Tracking future developments

The measures also include precautions against any unwanted consequences of electric vehicles, including the loss of revenue from taxes on motor vehicles. For instance, we have proposed revising the motor vehicle tax provisions that create tax advantages for small and environmentally friendly vehicles. The proposal will be revenue neutral for the canton when the percentage of such vehicles increases significantly in the coming years.

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