Electrification of Pfannenstiel bus services

What charging infrastructure would enable the optimal electrification of a regional bus fleet? Working on behalf of the Zurich Public Transportation Company (VBZ), a transport operator within the Zurich Public Transportation Network (ZVV), we analyzed the task of electrifying bus services in the canton of Zurich’s Pfannenstiel region. We developed a concept for complete electrification of the necessary infrastructure over the long-term with a special focus on charging infrastructure in the depot. A crucial aspect of the concept is the inclusion of operational optimizations that would enable more flexible daytime charging.

Our services

  • Assessment and evaluation of the bus routes serviced by the Zurich, Zollikon, Küsnacht Public Transportation Company (AZZK) to determine their suitability of electric buses
  • Establishment of a charging concept, including a rough estimate of the costs
  • Development of a concept for the infrastructure that would enable suitable charging systems
  • Ascertainment of the connected load
  • Clarification of details with local network operators

Picture Credits: AZZK (Autobus Zurich Zollikon Küsnacht)

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