Energy and Climate Check App for Farmers

How can we enable farmers to tap their potential in terms of energy efficiency and climate farm's full? Implementing principles of protection responsive web design, EBP has created an intuitive and appealing Energy and Climate Check application that allows farmers to quickly identify ways in which they can improve their energy efficiency by consulting their smartphones, tablets and Computers.

The home page on desktop

Generating an estimated 12 percent of total domestic greenhouse gases, the Swiss agricultural industry is very energy intensive. On the other hand, it is also an industry that offers tremendous potential for producing renewable forms of energy, increasing energy efficiency and implementing other measures to protect our climate.

The Energy and Climate Check for Farmers helps to identify and exploit the energy-related potential available in daily farming operations. The web application consists of a questionnaire that allows farmers to quickly and conveniently assess their current energy-efficiency and climate-protection performance, a graphic evaluation that identifies the areas in which significant improvements can be achieved and easily accessible in-depph information on the implementation of specific measures.

Given that most famers use smartphones, the Check App has been optimised for mobile devices. Thanks to responsive design, the Check App can also be used on desktop and tablet devices.

The Energy and Climate Check App for Farmers is the successful product of interdisciplinary cooperation. Specialists from our Resources, Energy + Climate Division developed the substantial basis for the app in close consultation with Agridea. Our Communication Team was responsible for the user interface design and text editing. Finally our IT division developed the backend and frontend of the Energy and Climate Check App.

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