Energy & climate planning workshops 2022

The canton of Schwyz is developing its Energy & Climate Strategy 2022+ plan. The scope of the plan includes energy, climate protection, and climate adaptation. We developed and moderated six workshops featuring various communications approaches to address the relevant substantive issues. The workshop deliverables included the formulation and graphic representation of a shared vision, a calculation of the canton’s 2020 greenhouse gas emissions, a risk-opportunity analysis of the impact of climate change on the canton of Schwyz, and the definition of courses of action.

Our services

  • Conceptualization of six workshops
  • Organization and moderation of the workshops together with the relevant cantonal experts
  • Documentation and graphic representation of workshop results in Miro
  • Formulation of a shared vision: “Net Zero by 2050”
  • Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020
  • Definition of potential courses of action, action areas, and measures
  • Completion of a risk-opportunity analysis

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