Energy efficient high schools for Luxembourg

Luxembourg builds streamlined school buildings that can do more. Working together with architects, engineers and HVAC specialists, EBP has helped to develop holistically optimised solutions.

Luxembourg is planning to build at least five large, new high schools in the years to come. Bâtiments Publics, as the client, is preparing directives that support and speed up the planning process as well as indicating clearly defined objectives. In the building technology and shell sector, the consumption of heat and power as well as the materials used is to be optimised.

The objective of the energy efficient high schools project is to systematically employ the expertise in energy efficient buildings due to the similar usage of the college buildings.

So as to satisfy the various future demands, the various sectors of the directive are prepared in a modular manner, and are specifically not based on a specific property (modules: classrooms, workshops, restaurant, sports halls, swimming pools). No property specific floor plans, diagrams and calculations are prepared. The modules represent a draught project concept, i.e. a partial section of the primary project.

EBP provides the following services:

  • Preparing the specifications for the mechanical services and the energy relevant aspects of the architecture.
  • Particular emphasis on property-independent, major specifications with regard to comfort for the perfect function of the building.
  • Energy consumption, functionality, investment and operating costs.

The project teams will be accompanied throughout the design and implementation phase.