Energy planning for Glarus Nord

We drafted a municipal energy plan for the Swiss municipality of Glarus Nord to facilitate the transition of its energy supply to renewable sources. We began by assessing the municipality’s current supply of heat and electricity, and identified potential sources of renewable energy and waste heat. Working closely with municipal officials and the town’s energy suppliers, we showed how the heat and cold supply in Glarus Nord can be coordinated and future-oriented.

Our services

  • Analysis of the town’s current energy and heat supply
  • Identification of potential sources of renewable energy along with the respective volumes of energy
  • Assessment of the future supply of energy and heat
  • Establishment of quantitative energy goals to be reached by 2030 and 2050
  • Drafting of an energy plan map demarcating the relevant areas and an action catalogue to support the energy plan’s implementation
  • Process management and conducting of meetings with all relevant stakeholders
  • Developing specific recommendations for the building owners

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