Energy planning in Urdorf

The Swiss municipality of Urdorf commissioned an EBP team to help it develop an energy plan that would establish compliance with the cantonal energy law. We approached our assignment by first analyzing the existing heat-supply systems and identifying opportunities to make use of renewable energy and waste heat. Working with the municipality and the relevant energy-industry stakeholders, we developed a future-oriented energy-supply plan that would establish compliance with the cantonal law while also balancing the interests of the various stakeholders in Urdorf.

Our services

  • Analysis of existing heat-supply systems and assessment of carbon footprint
  • Analysis of the viability of exploiting local and regional sources of renewable energy
  • Drafting of a forecast of the municipality’s future demand for heat in light of settlement development and the need to adhere to climate-protection policies
  • Identification of suitable and prioritized areas in which renewable sources of energy could be used
  • Drafting of an energy plan, including a catalogue of measures and an explanatory report

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