Energy-saving potential in the homes of the elderly

As part of the Swiss National Research Program 71, Rütter Soceco, now part of EBP, examined the home energy needs of the elderly, a household segment that is expected to grow at a much faster rate in the coming years than the rest of the population. Using the results of case studies, interviews, and focus groups, we drafted a set of recommendations for how to motivate older people to save energy at home. We then carried out surveys of the relevant target group to assess the acceptance of the proposed measures and then calculated the energy-saving potential of the measures in the model.

Our services

  • Empirical analysis of living conditions, housing needs, heating energy consumption
  • Case studies on decisions about relocations, building densifications and energy renovation
  • Development of measures and to exploit the potential to improve housing efficiency and sufficiency potentials
  • Modeling of energy-saving potential
  • Representative Survey of target group to analyze acceptance of measures
  • Development, testing, and evaluation of interventional measures to reduce housing and energy consumption

Picture: Making your home fit for the third phase of life – energy savings thanks to efficient-living strategies

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