Entry into the electric vehicle charging market

Having recognized the market opportunities associated with electric vehicles, MIGROL is preparing to enter the electric vehicle charging market. In connection with this endeavor, the company recently commissioned EBP to help it assess the various business sectors, to complete all strategic planning for the market entry and to acquire the relevant know-how.

EBP approached its assignment by analyzing the market in close consultation with MIGROL. This work included the following tasks:

  • Ascertaining and evaluating the relevant legislative and technological developments
  • Examining the development of general consumer demand and evaluating individual customer segments and their distinct needs
  • Assessing the services of competitors on the market
  • Identifying and evaluating the market risks and opportunities

EBP then sat down with MIGROL representatives to plan a multistage market entry and ascertain the most important elements relating to market presence and market development. Using proposals made by EBP, MIGROL then defined the central elements of its operational concept. Finally, EBP drafted a financial plan and risk analysis for the planned business activities and submitted recommendations to MIGROL for use in strategic decision making.

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