Estimating biocide usage in Switzerland

The availability of reliable data on the use of biocides in Switzerland is limited. This is especially the case for wood preservatives and insecticides, a group of substances with particularly high environmental and aquatic relevance. Given the current lack of data, we decided to buttress our examination of the data on registered products and applicaitons with an examination of the available import/export data for the relevant chemical products. This granted us a cost-effective way to attain a  useful estimate of biocide use in Switzerland.

Our services

  • Evaluation of the available product data on approved products and their application areas in the Swiss Chemical Products Registry
  • Comprehensive collation of data recorded by the Swiss Federal Office for Customs and Border Security on products containing insecticides, including analyses of text data not provided with IDs.
  • Narrowing down the relevant areas of biocide application
  • Assessment of biocide use with direct relevance to the aquatic environment

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