Evaluation of the fourth Swiss National Forest Inventory

The aim of Swiss National Forest Inventory (LFI) is to provide an up-to-date account of the status of Switzerland’s forests. We evaluated the Fourth National Forest Inventory (LFI4) to determine how the associated work products and services were made available to the respective target groups and how these products and services were applied and used. We used various methods to ascertain the expectations and needs of the target groups. With our results we created a basis for the future development and optimization of the LFI’s product and service portfolio.

Our services

  • Drafting of the detailed evaluation concept in consultation with the various user groups
  • Document analysis, online survey, interviews, and LFI-website usability testing
  • Moderation of focus-group discussions
  • Synthesis and validation of results
  • Drafting of recommendations

Picture Credits: Photo LFI/WSL

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