Evaluation of groundwater protection measures

The Federal Council's Action Plan on Plant Protection Products calls for greater protection of groundwater from plant protection products and their metabolites. Working together with researchers at the School of Agriculture, Forest and Food Sciences of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, we identified the hazardous substances often present in elevated concentrations in groundwater. But how can farmers replace or reduce them? For concrete recommendations, we evaluated the control options and scope for action on the part of the authorities.

Our services

  • Evaluation of the available measurement data on groundwater contamination
  • Comparison of the measured data with the results of model calculations
  • Determination of the relevant active substances and identification of the most important usages and affected crops
  • Identification and agronomic assessment of protection measures
  • Making recommendations for the protection of groundwater

Image: Use of weed-suppressing cover crops in HAFL-operated field test plots
Picture Credits: © Hans Ramseier, HAFL

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