Expansion at Munich Airport

An analysis of the impacts on the settlement and economy of the metropolitan region shows, that the expansion is a competitive Advantage.

A contributor to economic growth

The airport has strongly contributed to economic growth, progress in productivity and market expansion. Since the airport's opening in 1992 flight movements have increased from 192'000 to 410'000 in the year 2006. Current aviation growth forecasts predict further growth with capacity constraints in a few years from now. A third runway could increase the capacity to 600'000 movements by 2020 which would accommodate current forecasts for that period.

What are future capacity needs and impacts?

EBP – together with BulwienGesa from Munich- have studied the effects of the airport on economy and settlement development since 1980, as well as future impacts with and without further airport expansion. Analysed as part of the study were the growth of value creation, employment and population. Future land area requirements were estimated and weighed against available land areas for future development.

Benefiting the region

In general terms, the metropolitan region would benefit from a further airport expansion in terms of employment and economic growth. Each airport employee induces further employment of 1.1 people in the airport region.

Demand for land for commercial and residential uses will increase in this expanding region. The study has shown, however, that the region has sufficient land resources and that the communities have the competencies to guide its development.

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