Expert dialogue on drainage at Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport AG (FZAG) commissioned EBP to help it define an innovative process by which to revise its general drainage plan (GDP). We approached the assignment by appointing three teams of experts to participate in three different workshops on the development of new approaches to the efficient handling of water in the airport’s de-icing system. The resulting project ideas will now be taken up in the planning process, developed appropriately, and implemented in projects. We moderated the expert dialogue with the help of various methods, including animated statistics, an ideas café, the six-thinking-hats technique, and a traffic-light evaluation system.

Our services

  • Planning for the overall process
  • Definition of moderation methods for each process phase
  • Consultation on planning and preparing for the workshops
  • Leading of whole-day workshops with the experts and an accompanying group; moderation of discussions

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