Explanatory video for Minergie

Working on behalf of Minergie, a Swiss-based organization that issues and certifies compliance with sustainable building standards, EBP has developed and produced an explanatory video to communicate the Minergie brand. The film intentionally addresses and dispatches with common clichés associated with the organization as a means of shifting attention back to the organization’s core mission.

Minergie explanatory video, realized in German, French and Italian

Getting the year 2017 off to a brisk start, the Minergie organization is busy implementing a number of big plans, including a general brand refresh, the launch of a completely new website and the introduction of various new products. In order to call attention to the “new” Minergie and to communicate the core messages behind Minergie standards, EBP has created an animated film to explain the organization behind the Minergie standard.

In addition to providing an overview and generating curiosity, the aim of the video is to present the Minergie standard as THE standard for sustainable building and other comprehensive services, to give the right exposure to the Minergie brand and to dispel common clichés associated with the organization.

This is why the video also intentionally addresses those who may have had a mostly skeptical stance with regard to the Minergie organization’s mission.

The video is both explanatory and motivational. It aims to pique its viewers’ curiosity and to encourage them to visit the Minergie website for more information.

EBP assumed full responsibility for the video’s realization. The scope of the assignment included consulting, idea generation, drafting the storyboard and text and ensuring compelling illustration and animation.

Video facts

  • Length: around 60 seconds
  • Design: reflects the newly-developed corporate design and contributes to the establishment of a unique Minergie look
  • Content: brand messages + products
  • Realization in three languages: German, French and Italian

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