Façade planning for new building in Geroldswil

The pension fund of Zurich Cantonal Bank (Zürcher Kantonalbank) commissioned the Zurich-based architectural firm Baumberger & Stegmeier to realize a new building near the center of the Swiss municipality of Geroldswil. EBP was then commissioned to help the architectural firm to plan and oversee the construction of the building façade.

The façade on the building’s south side is characterized by its filigree structure of horizontal and vertical elements in concrete. The self-supporting and interlocking pilasters and cornices are made of prefab concrete elements mounted to the building’s shell. Space limitations at the site meant that the structure needed to be anchored according to a highly precise plan worked out by the EBP team.

The large-format window frames constructed according to demanding building-physics specifications are positioned between the load-bearing elements. Balustrades of cast glass in front of the windows provide the calculated degree of fall protection. Exterior shading is rendered with cord-operated venetian blinds that project outward from top to bottom.

The staircase in the middle of the building is positioned in such way that it connects openly to the rear façade. The entrance to the apartments runs from the staircase via lateral corridors to the apartment loggias which are separated off toward the corridor with semitransparent, fire-protection elements in steel and cast glass.

The narrower east and west sides of the building are rendered using ventilated roughcast façades. Story-high windows with glass balustrades in front convey ample light into the interior.

The new building is immediately adjacent to a commercial complex in the center of Geroldswil that EBP also helped to plan on behalf of Baumberger & Stegmeier.

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