Façade planning for the new Drei Tannen nursing home in Wald

The plans for the new Drei Tannen nursing home in Wald included highly de-manding structural and design features. EBP helped the developers prepare the documentation for the call-to-tender for the building’s façade and for a mockup of the façade.

The rainscreen façade is characterized by multiple prefab and sandblasted concrete elements of a special mix that narrow from top to bottom at an angle to the façade and exhibit shaped lateral features. This made it necessary to precisely cut and adapt the insulation units (RF1) behind the elements.

The transparent surfaces were created with large-format, wood-metal window frames in oak and aluminum. Anchored laterally and invisibly in the concrete jambs, balus-trades with alternating inwardly and outwardly curved, vertical steel bars serve as window-fall protection.

In an effort to ensure that the various high-quality structural components would har-monize with one another in form and function, a functional mockup was built at the site.

Room-high window frames in wood and aluminum with a fire-resistance rating of EI30 ensure ample natural light in the two inner courtyards.

The project, now known as the “Rosenthal Health Center”, has been awarded the “bestarchitects24” prize in the public buildings category.

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