Feasibility of developing a site above the tracks at the St.Fiden station

Parts of the federal highway and railway that pass through downtown St.Gallen are to be capped in the framework of an urban renewal project. The capping operation would enable the development of a new, mixed-use city district with direct access to the St.Fiden train station. Working together with other planning firms, we carried out an extensive study to assess the technical, economic, and sociopolitical feasibility of the piggyback project. Our role included leading the study, and examining and coordinating technical issues.

Our services

  • Study management, coordination, reporting, and controlling
  • Development of a sound load-bearing structure for the superstructure
  • Description of the traffic-related specifications and impact
  • Analysis of the social and economic impact
  • Identification of the legal criteria that need to be met for founding a project company for subsequent project phases

Picture: Impression of the prospective St.Fiden development site
Picture Credits: © EBP

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