Feasibility study and development proposal for the Granador site

Measuring around 29,500 square meters, the Granador site next to the Hitzkirch railway station straddles the border between the Lucerne municipalities of Hitzkirch and Ermensee. The aim of the development project is to transform this former industrial site into a new residential-commercial district while also giving the Hitzkirch railway station a more inviting and distinctive appearance. We are supporting the project by working out a framework for the planning procedure and the assessment of the site’s development potential. We are also clarifying the legal prerequisites for the project’s execution.

Our services

  • Drafting of a planning agreement between the developer and the municipalities of Hitzkirch and Ermensee
  • Oversight of public participation procedures and drafting of an outcomes-and-impact assessment
  • Drafting of a plan for commissioning the feasibility study, including an ascertainment of the substantive and planning-related aspects of the site’s development
  • Execution of the commissioning procedure for the feasibility study
  • Oversight of the proposal’s development as a basis for design planning
  • Coordination of the relevant experts and acting as a liaison to facilitate local plan-revision processes
  • Support for the drafting of the design plan
  • Administrative und organizational support (e.g. scheduling, moderating meetings, etc.)

Contact persons