Feasibility study for Polyfeld light-rail line

The Cantons of Basel-Country and Basel-City are planning to expand their shared light-rail network. In connection with this plan, we examined alternative routes for an additional light-rail line to Polyfeld in Muttenz.

We were able to demonstrate that the selected approximately 2-kilometer route with five boarding stations is feasible in terms of its structural and traffic-related specifications. One particularly challenging aspect of our assignment involved the need to take account of other major projects in the immediate vicinity. One success factor was the detailed set of plans that enabled an early-stage consideration of the specifications for the Polyfeld light-rail line.

Our services

  • Planning for horizontal and vertical routing
  • Determination of five boarding locations
  • Street-level designs for two different degrees of network expansion (minimum to maximum specifications)
  • Compilation of the numeric data for future traffic development in the vicinity
  • Proof of acceptable traffic dynamics at all hubs
  • Rough estimates of the structural specifications for all engineering structures
  • Coordination of the feasibility study with the Swiss Federal Roads Office, Swiss Federal Railways, and the municipality of Muttenz

Picture Credits: © BLT

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