Feasibility Study: Replacement of Pedestrian Overpass in Oberwies

The pedestrian overpass that crosses the A1 motorway in Oberwies is in need of replacement in the medium term. EBP has examined a broad range of options in the context of a feasibility study.

The pedestrian overpass in Oberwies crosses the A1 motorway near Wallisellen. Although the cable-stayed bridge was only built in 1976, an inspection has revealed that parts of its load-bearing structure are in poor condition and would not last the service life originally expected of it, in spite of a scheduled forthcoming renovation.

On the basis of these findings, EBP has examined the feasibility of a full range of options for replacing the bridge. These options included removing the structure and not replacing it, as well as a variety of new construction solutions. The option of simply removing the bridge was considered in the light of various legal concerns and the impact its removal would have on non-motorized traffic.

The different scenarios were evaluated in terms of numerous criteria. The question as to whether any of the structure’s individual parts could be salvaged was examined for each of the proposed variations. Discussions here included a consideration of the current-state analysis and the expected impact on future maintenance.