Feasibility study for a water sector program in Indonesia

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is considering a bilateral cooperation program in support of Indonesia’s water-supply sector. On behalf of SECO, we examined the challenges facing the sector and drafted a proposal for a new water sector program. One important focus of our work was to identify areas where there is a clear need for action and where Switzerland would be able to offer clear added value.

Our services

  • Analysis of Indonesia’s current strategies, as well as ongoing and planned programs in the water-supply sector
  • Conducting of interviews with government and municipal officials, water suppliers and industry representatives, possible training of partners, donors and other prospective partners in Switzerland
  • Development of a concept for a water sector program that addresses the following issues: problem analysis, theory of change, goals/activities, implementation partners, project governance, risks and opportunities, and project costs

Image: Downtown Jakarta, in the foreground parts of the old town

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