Flood evacuation planning for the region of Mittelrheintal

Flooding on the Rhine River in Switzerland could force the evacuation of several thousand people in the region of Mittelrheintal. The Middle Rhine regional emergency operations office (RFS MR) conducted a review of the risks and its existing flood-response plans. This review was used as a basis for identifying gaps and prioritizing measures.

Flooding along the Rhine River is one of the most significant hazards faced in the Canton of St. Gallen. Communities in the region of Mittelrheintal need to be prepared for water level spikes of up to 13 feet. The possibility of flooding of this magnitude is the reason why the Middle Rhine regional emergency operations office is planning for large-scale precautionary evacuations.  

EBP helped the RFS MR to complete an assessment of current  readiness to respond. This work included defining the relevant components of an effective evacuation plan and reviewing all existing documents and plans. The results were used to identify gaps and develop proposals for their elimination. EBP also worked with the RFS MR to review and optimize all of the processes used to issue warnings and notify the public of evacuation orders.

The overall results included recommendations for improvement, a prioritized list of specific tasks and individual procedural aids such as filing structures and synoptic tables.

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