Flood protection in Bassersdorf

Large parts of the municipality of Bassersdorf are threatened by floodwaters coming from two nearby streams known as the Altbach and the Auenbach. EBP has developed and evaluated the relative merits and cost effectiveness of comprehensive flood-protection solutions.

Since the 1970s, the municipality of Bassersdorf has been considering various proposals for minimizing the risk of flooding. These proposals have essentially centered on the construction of multiple retention basins and other engineering measures along the existing streams. However, owing to the complexity involved, as well as various competing interests, the municipality has been unable to realize any of the proposals.

In response to the stalemate, the municipality of Bassersdorf decided to commission EBP to examine and, if appropriate, expand upon the proposed measures. In the context of its work, EBP developed solutions to significantly minimize the risk of flooding at an acceptable cost. Our assessments provide a basis for making an informed decision on future flood protection in Bassersdorf.

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