Flood Protection Measures and Risk Overview in the Canton of Schaffhausen

For all municipalities in the Canton of Schaffhausen, EBP generated an overview of flood risks. The risk overview allows prioritizing the need for action regarding risk reduction measures. Based on the risk study, we developed cost-effective flood protection measures for the municipalities.

In the canton of Schaffhausen, small tributary rivers contribute strongly to relevant risks regarding natural hazards. The aim of the study was to gain an overview over the flood risks expressed in Swiss Francs (annual expectation of damages) and to provide cost-effective flood protection measures to the concerned municipalities.

In a first step, the risks – i.e. annual expectation of damages - have been calculated based on existing hazard maps. Therefore, direct damages on buildings, movables, railway and road infrastructure, open green areas as well as indirect losses from business interruption have been considered.

In a second step, efficient structural measures have been developed for those tributaries which contribute considerably to flood hazards (conceptual level). This work has been done in close collaboration with the cantonal and municipal authorities.

Based on the previous steps, EBP assessed the cost-effectiveness of the flood protection measures: This factor is calculated by comparing the prevented damage per year (risk reduction) with the annual costs of the structural preventive measures (including maintenance costs). The calculations regarding movables and business interruption were done and supplied by Mobiliar Insurances. All other project components have been implemented by EBP.

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