Foundation for planning adapted to the local climate

Hot days and tropical nights are becoming increasingly common in Switzerland as climate change progresses. In densely built-up areas, so-called "heat islands" arise, which can be prevented or reduced by adapting building design. Since municipalities, building owners and specialist planning teams have a significant influence on the design of buildings and landscapes, the Canton of Zurich wants to offer advice to these stakeholders on their work through an informative website, among other channels. With an interdisciplinary team, we supported the canton in the basic development of the website content.

Our services

  • Content-related preparation of the technical basis for 18 different measures in an interdisciplinary team
  • Identification of typical urban settings with high relevance for the local climate
  • Identification and brief documentation of concrete examples of best practice
  • Organization, content design and implementation of three workshops with a diverse monitoring commission

Picture Credits: © EBP

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