Framework strategy for sustainable development in Bern

The city of Bern has united its current and future efforts to achieve greater sustainability in the framework of a general “Sustainable Development RAN2030” strategy. We provided critical support for the accompanying participative process, i.e., from the ideation phase to the presentation of the strategy’s final draft, replete with design elements and infographics. A basis has thereby been established for ensuring Bern’s capacity to remain a vibrant, engaging, and life-affirming city for all of its residents.

Our services

  • Analysis of city activities and projects relating to sustainability
  • Formulation of sustainability goals, identification of the need for action, and definition of critical issues
  • Presentation of strategy implementation and controlling measures
  • Organization and moderation of workshops for city officials and support groups
  • Ideation and creation of infographics for the framework strategy
  • Editing of the framework strategy

Picture: Focus of action of the framework strategy (Graphic: Kooi)

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