Frequency Management for Wireless Devices

Wireless transmission devices such as microphones and headsets are frequently used in broadcasting and event organisation. Our web application facilitates the planning of interference-free use of wireless devices for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation and other event organisers.

The use of wireless transmitters such as wireless microphones and headsets is widespread in broadcasting and event organisation. Given the limited radio frequency spectrum available to these devices, their use has become ever more prone to interference. This has made the task of planning very difficult for events that involve many participants and devices. Working on behalf of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, we have developed a web application to simplify the task of frequency planning.

The application offers a clear display of occupied frequencies on a map and in graphic form and is currently being expanded to enable the coordination of frequencies for events. In addition to financing the development and operation of the application, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation is also offering access to interested users.

Our work has consisted in helping the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation determine the requirements, designing the system architecture, realising the application on the basis of ASP.NET MVC and providing support. We operate the application on Microsoft Azure.

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