Future perspectives and risk management for forestry enterprises: dealing with risks against a background of climate change

Wir möchten Forstbetriebe in der Schweiz unterstützen, sich an den Klimawandel und Veränderungen anderer Rahmenbedingungen anzupassen. Dazu entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit Forstbetriebsleitern Zukunftsperspektiven für das Jahr 2050 unter Einbezug forstbetrieblicher Risiken.

Forestry management decisions made today will shape the woodland and its effects for decades. Changes to the natural, economic and social underlying conditions, such as climate change, increasing energy prices and many other factors, also have an effect on forestry and forest management.

Part of the "Wald und Klimawandel" (forestry and climate change) research project by the Swiss research institute WSL, this project develops two elements aimed at supporting forestry enterprises in Switzerland in adapting to future developments such as climate change. These are, firstly, to provide future perspectives for the forestry industry, on the basis of which forestry enterprises and others involved in the forestry on an economic and political level can gain a picture of possible future developments, taking account of changes to the climate as well as in the economic and social environments.

The second element involves developing an overview of the current and potential risks for forestry enterprises and formulating a risk management approach. This is an appropriate instrument with which to tackle uncertainties in connection with both climate change and other effects and risks. It should enable forestry enterprises to examine all the risks that may cause problems for them.

The risk management approach is being drawn up together with four forestry enterprise managers, who are also testing it.