General coordination of third-generation agglomeration programs for the Canton of Zurich

EBP has been commissioned by the Canton of Zurich to coordinate the development of four third-generation agglomeration programs. The assignment includes the drafting of an umbrella concept for all four programs and the drafting of a brochure for the general public.

Agglomeration programs are instruments of long-term planning that are subject to periodic review so as to enable an enhanced coordination of settlement and transportation-system development. Such programs encompass prioritized and coordinated measures that are designed to drive and shape settlement development. The programs also include infrastructural and operational measures implemented by the various transportation-system providers within specific agglomeration areas.

The Canton of Zurich is the sponsor of the Zurich City-Glattal, Metropolitan-Winterthur and Zürcher-Oberland agglomeration programs. In addition to this, the Canton of Zürich and the Canton of Aargau are co-sponsors of the Limmattal agglomeration program. The Canton of Zürich submitted its first agglomeration programs for these developments plans to the relevant federal agencies in 2007. Second-generation programs were then submitted in 2012.

During the two years it spent working on the submission of the third-generation programs, EBP supported the Zurich Office of Transport in both substantive and procedural matters. This work included:

  • General coordination and management support
  • Quality control for the four agglomeration programs
  • Drafting of an umbrella concept as a framework for all four agglomeration programs. This concept outlines the essential relationships between the individual agglomeration programs and includes superordinate goals, strategies and measures
  • Drafting and design of a brochure whose purpose is to provide the general public with an intuitive summary of the four agglomeration programs and superordinate measures

The four third-generation agglomeration programs of the encompass a total of 205 measures that are to be initiated between 2019 and 2022. Depending on the specific program, the focus may be on major projects or smaller targeted measures. The four agglomeration programs were submitted to the relevant federal agencies in December 2016.

Picture Credits: Office of Transport, Mano Reichling

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