Graphic design for the canton of Fribourg’s new climate plan

The Canton of Fribourg’s new climate plan includes 115 measures aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions and facilitating climate-change adaptation. The accompanying report is addressed to a heterogenous target audience. We completed the graphic design work for the plan’s publication drafted a short version of the plan in the form of a folding brochure and created numerous infographics. Our work ensures that the target groups will be able to grasp and reflect on the complex issues involved, regardless of prior knowledge.

Our services

  • Ideation and creation of a folding brochure to present and illustrate the 100-page climate plan’s most important messages
  • Deployment of the Adobe InDesign layout program to create a graphic rendering of the cantonal climate plan on the basis of the canton of Fribourg’s corporate design
  • Creation of various infographics to address target groups with differing levels of prior understanding of the relevant issues
  • Creation of cloud illustrations to capture the current status of the measures’ implementation

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