Groundwater recharge to secure waterflow in streams during dry spells

As a result of climate change, many small and medium-sized streams run dry more frequently and for longer periods of time. Working in the framework of a federal pilot project, we examined how the water that is available during periods of higher flow can be stored as groundwater resulting in a return to surface water during dry spells. The aim is to safeguard aquatic habitats and maintain water exploitation for human use. We tested our findings in a case study that involved identifying suitable locations for groundwater recharge.

Our Services

  • Assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of various recharge options
  • Ascertainment of the necessary parameters at a specific stream
  • Clarification of the prerequisites for streamside water storage (hydrogeological prerequisites and existing uses)
  • Establishment of ways of determining proper recharge dimensions
  • Coordination of case-study arrangements on the Eibach, including the identification of suitable locations for groundwater recharge

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