Guide to a carbon-neutral real-estate portfolio

What is the best way to achieve your sustainability goals? Our guide to achieving a carbon-neutral real-estate portfolio entails determining energy consumption and CO2 emissions at the portfolio level and identifying "encumbered" properties. This includes the detection of any deficient or underperforming properties. We work together with the property owners to define a set of climate goals and develop a viable action plan to attain them. Our proven approach takes the entire process into account – from the current-state assessment of greenhouse gas emissions to strategy development and communications.

Our services

  • Recording and analyzing carbon emissions
  • Developing a sustainable portfolio strategy
  • Developing a catalogue of measures at portfolio level, based on recognized SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects) limit values and sustainability label specifications
  • Planning and monitoring the renovation of encumbered properties
  • Defining and prioritizing the measures at property level
  • Categorizing and uniformly assessing individual properties
  • Visualizing and monitoring implementation

Picture Credits: © Georg Aerni

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